Thermal and cold insulations

Economic handling of energy saves the natural resources, influences the emission decrease of harmful substances and thus reduces environmental pollution.

Thermal insulation acts in this process as an important factor. Heat and cold insulations represent an important part of technical equipment which operates with temperatures differing from ambient temperatures.

Baucomex CZ, s.r.o. carries out insulations of:

  • turbines incl. accessories – spray insulations and sewn blankets
  • insulation of boilers incl. accessories
  • insulation of CK tanks, tanks and accesories
  • overhead piping systems, pipe bridges etc.
  • underground distribution systems, heating flues, colectors etc.
  • long-distance steam piping
  • air-conditioning equipment and air-ducts
  • central heating and sanitary distribution systems
  • special insulations e.g. ship and cabin insulation
  • insulation of attic and filling spaces

Types of insulating materials:

  • products manufactured out of mineral felt
  • products manufactured out of glass fibres
  • products manufactured out of ceramic fibres
  • foamed polyethylene
  • synthetic rubber
  • foamed polystyrene
  • PUR, PIR
  • foamglass
  • calcium silicate
  • phenolic foam
  • pearlite

Classification of insulations in terms of use:

  • thermal insulation against heat loss
  • thermal insulation against cold loss
  • insulation against dew formation (condensation)
  • insulation as protection of personel - against burns
  • acoustic insulations
  • fireproof insulations
  • insulation of high-temperature equipment

Classification of insulations in terms of assembly method:

  • insulating boards, mats and segments manufactured out of fibrous and ceramic materials
  • tubes, hoses and bands manufactured out of foamed insulating material
  • insulating boxes and covers manufactured out of fibrous and ceramic materials
  • sprayed mineral fibres
  • sprayed foamed polyurethane
  • special sewn insulating blankets
  • demountable insulating boxes

Surface treatment of insulation:

  • reinforced aluminium foil
  • polyethylene foil with a layer of netting as a bearing liner
  • PVC foil incl. shaped pieces
  • flat or trapezoidal galvanized metal sheet
  • flat or trapezoidal aluminium sheet
  • stainless steel

Fireproof insulation

We offer fireproof insulation in the form of coatings, sprays and linings to ensure the current requirements for fire protection according to European standards and in accordance with the requirements of insurance institutions.

We supply fire protection measures mainly in the area of industrial and building constructions. These are mainly fire prevention measures for:

  • air ducts
  • ventilation ducts
  • storage tanks
  • in passages of partitions and walls
  • all kinds of supporting structures
  • insulation of underground transport facilities, especially motorway and railway tunnels
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