Noise protection equipment and insulation

The increasing sources of noises in all areas of human activities have a negative influence on human health, concentration, working capacity, and well-physical being. This is why governments in many countries try through legal means to protect the mankind from noise e.g. at workplaces, factories, offices, public places, high-density living centres etc.

Our company provide following means of protection against noise:

  • noiseproof housings [selfsupporting with a bearing structure]
  • noise dampers for air-conditioning systems
  • noise insulation of air-conditioning pipeline
  • noise dampers for flue gas ducts [high temperatures] into/on chimneys
  • dampers for HP and LP valves
  • noise damping screens at workplaces [absorbing and reverberating types]
  • suspended bodies
  • noise barriers [along roads]
  • soffits
  • wall linings
  • and other

Preference is given to proven noise insulating products manufactured by ROCKWOOL, ISOVER and PAROC, products which are in line with corresponding standards and with severe quality tests.

We deliver noise insulating means as a complete job, i.e. starting with a visit of our specialist, designing the most active, effective and economic method of noise reduction, installing the designed means and finally measuring their overall efficiency.

We offer the possibility of processing a complete solution including measurement, static calculations, laying plans, on-site execution, etc.

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