Insulation sewn mattresses

Insulation sewn mattresses are a product of BAUCOMEX CZ and they belong into thermal insulations, fireproof insulations, and acoustic insulations. These mattresses are made of special fabrics, filled with insulation material based on mineral, silicic or fiberglass. Fiberglass or silicic fibers weighing 100 – 2000g/m2 have exceptional characteristics and based on requirements for the specific environment we use:

  • high temperature resistant: with surface adjustment – silicone rubber
  • with increased fireproof protection: coated with reflective Al foil, silicon or PUR coating
  • incombustible: silicic fibers with resistance up to 1000°C
  • chemical resistant: coating from silicone rubber or with Teflon adjustment
  • water repellent: with Teflon adjustment

Individual pieces, on the basis of measurement of an insulated object or its part, are machine sawed and tailored to each other and filled with insulation material. During assembly individual pieces are connected with attached hooks, elongated by stainless steel wire or Velcro. A necessary part of the assembly or eventual disassembly and reassembly is a layout plan, which is part of the project. Mattresses are lay outed as monolayered with slant joints or multilayered folded with overlapping clutches.

They are used both indoors and outdoors for example for turbine insulation, armature, pipelines and various devices in the energy, chemical and automobile industry also in other sectors.

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