Lock- and tinsmith shop

Manufacture of lock- and tinsmith elements and of light steel structures incl. assembly.

The company has at its disposal a Lock- and Tinsmith Workshop in ČEZ, a.s. area of Power Plant Chvaletice (approx. 600 m2) including storage and handling spaces (aprox. 1,100m2). The shop is equipped with modern inland and foreign machines, e.g. furrowing machines, metal-sheet shearing line, table shears, machines for demountable boxes, automatic Mabi machine and other. A team of qualified workmen manufactures tinsmith products in accordance with ČSN, DIN, AGI, ASTM, DEP standards, which are then distributed throughout CZ and many european countries.

Customers can order prefabrication of metal sheet parts and semiproducts either according to their requirements (isomerisms, documentation etc) or we can send to them our specialists to carry out all necessary measurements.

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Reg. No. 170 46 998
Švédská 43
150 00 Praha 5
Czech Republic

Phone: 00420 257 310 576
Fax: 00420 257 314 130

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