Jacketing of halls and insulation of facades

The company carries out complete jacketing of halls, industrial buildings including insulation of peripheral walls of industrial and civil buildings.

  • jacketing of roofs and not insulated walls with trapezoid metal sheet
  • jacketing by means of sandwich-panels with profiled metal sheet and either PU-foam or mineralfelt filling; a surface treatment in required shade according to RAL sample list
  • insulated jacketing: the panel wall consists out of self-supporting C-shaped panel Inlaid with heat insulating material; the outer trapezoid sheet is screwed to the panel flanges
  • wall jacket: "Sidalvar" system
  • roof insulation: mineralfelt insulation including a waterproofing foil is placed on a supporting layer made e.g. out of trapezoid sheet
  • supply and mounting of polycarbonate skylights including venting wings or RWA flaps
  • supply and mounting of polycarbonate strips

Insulation systems for facades

Purpose: Betterment of thermal and technical properties of existing structures of peripheral walls, e.g. of panel buildings.

Contact system:


  • insulating polystyrene layer or mineralwool boards reinforced with netting
  • thin layer of plaster of required shade and grain size


  • Terranova, Baumit, Stomix and others.
Ventilated system: Execution:

  • supporting structure made out of steel profiles or wooden laths, mineralwool insulation in required thickness, facing made out of steel or artificial elements [lamellae, plates etc.] with treated surface in required shade.


  • Döllken, FOS 300

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