Fireproof insulation

In cooperation and using the G+H know-how we offer fireproof insulations to be applied as coats, sprays and linings according to contemporary fireproofing requirements and to future european standards as well as to meet the present requirements for fire protection of insurance companies.

We deliver fireproofing means for industrial and civil buildings, above all as pre- ventive fireproofing measures applied at:

  • piping
  • cable lines
  • air ducts
  • storage tanks
  • all kinds of supporting structures
  • passages through partitions and walls

An important part of our fireproofing activities are:

  • Sprayed plasters and/or plate linings of underground transport routes, e.g. highway and railway tunnels.

Fireproof insulations in atomic power plants

Fireproof insulations in atomic power plants must function as a radiation screen- ing with decontaminable surfaces as well.

Baucomex CZ, s.r.o. as a strategic partner of the G+H GmbH can offer in this respect top technical solutions in form of different insulation systems accord- ing to their purpose. Some of them are:


  • applied to insulate pipe passages in fireproof walls
  • resists weather effects
  • permanently highly flexible
  • resistant to fire and pressure
  • decontaminable
  • can be applied inside a building as a firewall between two fire zones in case of large pipe expansions


  • resembles a firewall in case of a medium pipe expansion

In combination with radiation screening

  • a highly elastic gastight sealing collar resistant to radiation
  • insulation pipe of a cable duct
  • radiation screening
  • a fill consisting out of elastic unseparable mineral fibres
  • pipe of delivered medium
  • firewall resistant to radiation and fire

In case a radiation screening is required then the mineral fibre fill is sub- stituted e.g. by steel wool by 1/3 of the wall thickness.


  • represents a stable decontaminable fireproof insulation of cables and cable lines


  • pipe insulation for industrial application at optional inside diameters and optional pipe locations


  • sheathing of cable lines including inspection holes

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